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Staging Services For Sellers

1. CONSULT: Room by room home evaluation with instructions and direction what must be done to ready the property for the market.  A list will be provided with specific instructions and staging estimate within 48 hrs.

2. DECLUTTERING: Reorganizing and packing away excess items.

3. REARRANGE: Working only with the sellers existing furniture, accessories etc. to achieve the best sales impact.

4. ENHANCE: renting furniture or accessories to create the desired effect.

5. VACANT FURNISH: Complete furnishing and decorating a vacant property.

Redesign Services For Home Owners

If you feel that your house could use a makeover but don't know where to start or maybe moving into a vacant home and settling in seems like a puzzling project I can assist you with the following: home design concept report, decluttering, furniture rearrangement or purchase if desired, accessorizing, colour consultation.

If a completely new look is your goal we offer: space planning, furniture placement, window treatments, lighting, accessory selection, colour palette, personal shopping.

One Day Room Makeover

If you are a home owner that is looking to rejuvenate a room that has a tired decor or that isn't as functional as it should be or no longer suits your lifestyle then One Day Room Make Over is for you!  We  will use your furniture, artwork and accessories as the starting point, and may suggest some new pieces as additions or replacements, so that your room has a designers touch while reflecting your personal style.  It's a great way to refresh a room that has been in the same configuration for years.

Room makeover prices start at $250 for small spaces and $600 for larger rooms, plus any items purchased. 


How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Stage where it counts.  Not all rooms are considered equal when it comes to home staging.  You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence the buyers decisions, and spend less time on the rooms that won't make that much of a difference.


Staging Consultation: $150 


Detached house: Full Staging  $2200+HST and up*

Only Decor $1000+HST and up*


Condo: Full Staging $1400+HST and up*

Only Decor $500+HST and up*



Full Staging $1800 +HST and up*

Only Decor $600+HST up*


***Prices may very based on the property size and location.

Home Staging Is Less Costly Than Your First Price Reduction


Which MLS picture do you want representing your home?

From the above before and after pictures, which do you think will attract buyers to your listing?

When buyers visit your home, which do you feel will create a connection to a larger audience or demographic of people? 

When I walked into this house as a Home Stager I automatically saw that this house is hiding great features under this outdated furniture.  But to  a typical buyer this room may look an inviting, and after seeing a few more homes that are staged, not even remember this property.

When buyers walk into a house they fall in love with the lifestyle.  It's the first impression that counts.  Looking at these two photos, the staged room looks more upscale and well kept.   You want your property to stand out from other listings.

IMG_2692 2.jpg
IMG_2693 3.jpg
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