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81% of buyers find it easier to visualiz

My goal is to transform a home into a sought after property, that will stand out among the competing comparable listings in the area.

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With a passion for decorating and a creative eye, Sylvia Glazenberg has taken a decorating hobby and turned it into Unique Space Lift Staging & Redesign.  As a Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner, she creates rooms that​ are visually appealing and balanced – “My goal is to craft a space which draws buyers in and makes them feel instantly at home.” 
Combining a natural sense of style with a consultative approach tailored toward all budgets, Sylvia fashions beautiful, functional living spaces at affordable prices.   


Are colour decisions paralyzing you?  Do you require assistance choosing furniture, artwork or lighting?  Could you use a One Day Room Makeover or possibly, a complete redesign?  Do not hesitate to contact Unique Space Lift for all your home staging and design needs.​​

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Did you know that we offer gift certificates?  Are you puzzled what to give your clients as a thank you gift? Often when sellers sell their home and move in to their new house they contact me.  They miss living in a staged home and they want their new house to look the same.  


We offer Colour Consultation, One Day Room Make Over, along with other designing services.


​Hiring Unique Space Lift is one of the best investments you can make.  Potential buyers and clientele notice the type of properties you sell; you are in a competetive market, so why not focus your time where it matters most and let me handle what I do best - the staging.  I pride myself on adding those small important details that people connect with and I have no problem dealing with any sensitive subjects such as cleanliness and aroma; don't risk losing a listing by pointing out all the work that needs to be done; that is my job. I possess the right education, experience, and creativity to make sure your listing appeals to as many potential buyers possible !

Unique Space Lift wants to help you achieve a better resale value, close a quicker sale and open the door for a potential bidding war.  With a staged home there is less of a chance of a price reduction, therefore potentially earning you a higher income from the sale, and a happy clientele - who will gladly praise your services - which we all know is the best form of advertising !  By taking the time to show clients you care you will bring even more success your way.


Realtors Program

If you are a Real Estate Agent, we want to work with you.  Contact us for our list of exclusive benefits including:  Special pricing, promos , personalized service and referral gift.

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Home Staging Toronto and the GTA


Look Better Than Other Homes On The Market.

Look Better In Print And Internet Ads.

Spent 73% Less Time On The Market.

Sell For More Money.

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